19 Most Beautiful Views in Hawaii

In Hawaii, there’s no shortage of beautiful spots. But when you arrive on any of the five major islands, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. With cascading waterfalls, incredible volcanoes, picturesque swimming holes and, of course, too many beautiful beaches to count, where do you even begin?

Well, we did the painstaking work for you and compiled the best vistas across the islands into one gorgeous list.

Whether you’re planning a weeklong escape to the Aloha State or you simply need a virtual slice of paradise, this list will serve you well. And keep in mind that pictures don’t even do these places justice.

Below, the 19 most beautiful views in Hawaii, because Mother Nature went a little crazy when creating this perfect island chain.

    • 1 The starry sky at Mauna Kea Observatory.
      Michael Orso via Getty Images
When you’re perched 13,500 feet above sea level at night, the Milky Way looks so bright and stunning you’re practically swimming in stars. (The Big Island)
    • 2 Live on the edge at the Crouching Lion Trail.
There are a few ways to reach this outcropping near Oahu’s Kahana Bay. But be careful, the ledge quickly drops off hundreds of feet. (Island of Oahu)
    • 3 The top of Koko Head Crater.
      zhuzhu via Getty Images
At the top of Koko Head Crater’s steep and grueling wooden staircase, you’ll find sweeping views of Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head and, if you’re lucky, a stunning sunset to the west. (Island of Oahu)
    • 4 Looking into Waipio Valley on the Big Island.
      Lucia Terui via Getty Images
This deep valley is lush and expansive — and its black sand beach is a majestic touch. (The Big Island)
    • 5 Begin your day atop the Haleakala Crater.
      SuperStock via Getty Images
Sit above the clouds more than 10,000-feet in the sky before dawn, because watching the sunrise over a volcano will set your heart ablaze. (Island of Maui)
    • 6 The very illegal Stairway To Heaven.
      Laszlo Podor via Getty Images
Despite it’s status as one of Hawaii’s most notorious and illegal hikes, people risk hefty fines and possible jail time for this heavenly view. (Island of Oahu)
    • 7 From the Waimea Canyon Lookout.
      Don Smith via Getty Images
If you’re peering down from 3,000 feet into the canyon below, you’ll quickly see why this place gives the Grand Canyon a run for its money. (Island of Kauai)
    • 8 Look up and experience Waimoku Falls.
      7Michael via Getty Images
After trekking through a forest of bamboo on the Pipiwai Trail, the foliage opens up to reveal an unbelievable pair of waterfalls pouring down. (Island of Maui)
    • 9 The urban vistas from the Tantalus Lookout.
      RobertCravens via Getty Images
Drive the winding road up to Puu Ualakaa State Park to see Hawaii’s busiest city from above. (Island of Oahu)
    • 10 Find wild beauty along the Kalalau Trail.
      MichaelUtech via Getty Images
The Na Pali Coast is one of the Aloha State’s most prized coastal gems. You’ll find epic views like this around every corner while hiking 11 miles on the Kalalau Trail. (Island of Kauai)
    • 11 Overlooking the Mokes from the Lanikai Pillboxes on Oahu.
      Tony Shi Photography via Getty Images
The Mokulua Islands sit off the coast of Lanikai Beach, but the best way to see them is from the old bunkers atop one of Oahu’s most popular hikes. (Island of Oahu)
    • 12 Feel immense island energy at Akaka Falls.
      Vaughn Greg via Getty Images
It only takes a half-mile hike to reach a lookout where you can fall in love with this 422-foot waterfall. (The Big Island)
    • 13 Find the needle in Iao Valley.
      Ann Cecil via Getty Images
From the lookout point in the Iao Valley State Park, you’ll see a needle-like mountain set apart form the rest of the steep terrain. (Island of Maui)
    • 14 Get lost in the bamboo forest of the Pipiwai Trail.
      MakenaStockMedia / Design Pics via Getty Images
On this trail, you can wander through a forest of bamboo for what seems like forever. (Island of Maui)
    • 15 Peer around the corners of the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail.
You will have a new appreciation for lighthouses once you reach the top of this coastal hike. (Island of Oahu)
    • 16 Take a pit stop at the Pali Lookout.
      Anna Gorin/Moment Open
Make a quick detour on one of Oahu’s most beautiful drives to take in the sheer cliffs, green valleys and baby blue coast. (Island of Oahu)
    • 17 Drive to the end of the road to see Wailua Falls.
      Michele Falzone via Getty Images
Kauai wouldn’t be called Garden Isle if it didn’t have lush viewpoints like this. (Island of Kauai)
    • 18 See Kauai’s verdant farmland the Hanalei Valley Lookout.
Hanalei is home to miles of taro fields surrounded by a vivid green landscape. (Island of Kauai)
    • 19 End your day at the Seven Sacred Pools.
      MichaelUtech via Getty Images
At the other end of the Pipiwai Hiking Trail, you’ll find a seaside watering hole that will make you feel just like a mermaid. (Island of Maui)