25 Beautiful Wedding Photos

These 25 wedding photos really make an impression:

“They may be soaked to the skin, but this pair is clearly embracing the downpour and loving their time together. The photographer caught them in a tight, laughing embrace under the umbrella and let the flying raindrops fill the foreground. The light, pastel tones throughout the frame give this shot a wonderfully soft, romantic look.”
“Even in traditional shots, like the cake cutting, fearless photographers find fodder for creative fun and excellent imaging. Shooting upward from a low angle and with plenty of off-camera light, the photographer filled the frame with big smiles and clean, white tones that give the shot an almost editorial feel.”
“When it comes to aisle shots, we expect to see an eager groom awaiting the appearance of his happy bride. These two are a bit young for vows, but they seem just as excited to see each other as any bride and groom could be. The photographer got down to kid level to show us the moment from their perspective (and framed the photo to include the marveling faces of the adult onlookers).”
“While the concept is clever, it’s the execution that makes this image shine. The bride is gorgeously lit (and seems just about to giggle in her goofy pose), the very rectilinear background makes the circular shape of the ring pop right out, and the focus control is perfect.”
“Philippe Halsman is well known for having subjects jump to make them less inhibited and more relaxed. Here, the photographer reintroduced a little structure by having the subjects playfully lift themselves into an almost ‘seated’ pose. The gritty urban setting is the perfect foil for the pseudo-rigidity of the pose and the formal attire.”
“Who could possibly pass up a uniquely artistic photo opportunity like this one? Not only do the parted doors perfectly frame and mirror her face, they also color coordinate with her headpiece. Best of all, the doorway opening creates beautifully soft and directional light on her face.”
“As the vast, everyday world sprawls out below them, this couple looks completely lost in their private mountaintop reverie. The soft, neutral tones of the couple’s wedding-day attire made this setting, in all the same colors, an ideal choice. A quiet harmony builds through the subtle use of color and the gentle post.”
“In a clever trick of perspective, the photographer used the bride to frame herself. Putting her leg at the tonal bisection (black on the left and white on the right) softened that transition and kept the emphasis on her silhouette. In the foreground, the golden details on her robe, shoes, and henna infuse the image with warmth and luxury.”
“Great wedding photographers have a knack for spotting priceless moments before they happen — and they know just how to react to capture the emotion. Here, freezing the fraction of a second before the embrace allows us to linger, reveling in the unbridled joy and anticipation.”
“The reflection in the mirror is so perfectly framed as a group portrait that you might have found yourself scanning the figures in search of the bride. Once you register the expressions on their faces, however, the trick is quickly revealed. The photographer showed us just enough of the bride’s sassiness to further pique our interest.”
“Plenty of happy smiles light up the celebratory image. However, it is the web of interconnected hands and arms, linking the couple and their families, that makes it truly special. From edge to edge, the frame is zig-zagged by arms and hands making real or implied connections.”
“Amidst the rigidly straight lines of this graphic frame, the couple is silhouetted on the one diagonal. As they ascended, hand in hand, the photographer caught perfect profiles and nice articulation of their limbs. Little details (like the water tower, grasses, and power lines) help set the scene, while choosing a subdued contrast added a soft, timeless feel.”
“This daring shot of the bride in her panties and veil demonstrates a dazzling balance between soft and strong. The perfect symmetry of her powerful pose at the base of the composition pairs wonderfully with the softness of the lace details around her and the gown framed by the parted curtains.”
“It’s tricky to figure out the origin of the foreground bokeh or reflections, but what’s really important is how beautifully the shapes and colors complement the overall composition. Our gaze is expertly guided from the soft foreground elements to the equally gentle moment being shared by the brides.”
“During the haldi (or pithi) ceremony, the bride and groom are each adorned with a paste made from turmeric. The yellow color is considered very auspicious, so the ceremony is intended to ensure a life of prosperity for the couple. It also happens to be fun, messy affair with songs and dancing. The photographer caught that energy in this shot as the whole family joins in to help usher the groom into adult, married life.”
“Perhaps because the tend to us and hold us, few things are more characteristic and evocative than our loved ones’ hands. This bride is overcome and the photographer knew that the hand would be all she’d need to see to connect with the moment.”
“This lovely bit of framing is as simple as can be, yet so full of narrative that there’s nothing more we need to see. As we glance back and forth between the windows, the story unfolds and our sense of anticipation builds right along with the bride and groom.”
“Weddings are especially charged with meaning for fathers and daughters. Here, the photographer focused on the dad’s side of the story. The directional light catches his eyes and streaming tear while letting the bride’s face fall mostly into shadow.”
“This starkly graphic background set the scene for a nice portrait of the bride and groom. The photographer amped it up with golden lens flare that culminates in a perfect sphere around the couple. The dance pose put them on a diagonal that follows the flare line and criss-crosses the line of the landscape—a powerful and engaging composition.”
“When a tearful smile is this open and unrestrained, there’s nothing more that needs to be added—except maybe a hint of the man who is eliciting this emotional outpouring. Stripping away all the other details (even the color) puts all the attention right on her face.”
“E-cigarettes and vaping are all the rage, so this shot has a timeliness to its content. The face-off moment between the two women and the smoke frozen in midair add another level of humor — but it’s the reactions of the onlookers that really take the shot to a whole new level!”
“Entering from the top of the frame, our gaze crosses an expanse of white sky and finds what, at first glance, appears to be ripples on water. As we alight on the couple and the textures around them, however, we’re forced to reimagine those ‘ripples’ as massive dunes. It’s a pleasant sort of disorientation that makes us linger on the image and enjoy the depiction.”
“A double wedding? And the photographer is on the plane? We may come away from this shot with more questions than answers but one thing is sure: it’s a standout image. The raised arms of the foreground couple (and a little vignetting all around) helps center our gaze in the complex composition.”
“The bride’s happy amazement at the snowfall looks so genuine and unrestrained that we can almost feel the snowflakes falling on us, too. The crisp lighting feels as fresh and cool as a winter night and the starbursts of fairy lights overhead just add to the magic.”
“The converging compositional lines (even in the clouds and sand), the beautiful textures, and the low perspective all point to a charming portrait in the making. But what made it really special? A photographer who was ready and able to capture the dashing dog—and some wonderfully unguarded reactions as the pup streaked in front of the bride and groom.”