Top 10 Best Beaches in Spain

Here are the 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Spain:

1. Ses Illetes, Formentera, Balearic Islands

Ses Illetes, Formentera Balearic IslandsOften regarded as the best beach of the Balearic Islands, Ses Illetes may not boast the party scene that its neighbor Ibiza does, but it does offer this idyllic white sandy beach that is postcard-worthy in every respect. Travelers come to this beach to soak up the sun and dip into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. It’s also a great place for those who seek peace and quiet.

2. Playa de Cofete

Playa de CofeteIf you plan to visit the extraordinary Canary Islands, Playa de Cofete is a breathtaking beach to visit, especially if you prefer pristine natural settings. Its romantic atmosphere is perfect for losing worldly cares. Because the waves are invariably high, it’s not the ideal place for swimming with children, but it is outstanding in its beauty.

3. Playa de Los Lances, Tarifa

Playa de Los LancesHome to major kite surf championships, Playa de Los Lances is stunning in every respect. As a protected natural area, the beach is the perfect place to witness high Atlantic rollers and marvelous sunsets. Come to watch the kites against the backdrop of the majestic ocean. Playa de Los Lances is a great places for couples and families with kids.

4. Puerto Banus, Marbella

Puerto Banus MarbellaThe Costa del Sol city of Marbella boasts twenty-four beaches. Puerto Banus continues to be one of the most popular with its marina. From the beach, it’s captivating to watch the yachts on the glittering sea. More than five million people visit this extraordinary beach each year. Why not be one of them? This beach is definitely worth visiting!

5. La Concha Beach, San Sebastian

La Concha Beach San SebastianBreathtaking La Concha Beach has all the beauty of a classic painting, but it’s real! The hilly city of San Sebastian rises above the beach on its hilltops. The beach itself is crescent-shaped and hugs a glittering bay. Often called one of the most stunning urban beaches, La Concha Beach is a must-visit destination. Last year I visited La Concha Beach alone and had no problems, so I can easily recommend this place to solo travelers.

6. Bologna Beach, Cadiz

Bologna Beach CadizWhether you want to surf or comb the coast, Bologna Beach is a thrilling experience. Explore the city of Cadiz before heading to soak up the sun. Famed for its immense sand dune, this glorious beach is not easy to reach, but is well worth the effort and money! With miles of sandy beach, clear waters, and fantastic weather, you won’t have time to feel bored!

7. Tamariu, North of Barcelona

Tamariu North of BarcelonaThe sheltered beach of Tamariu, a former fishing village, is one of the loveliest areas of the Costa Brava. Superb water quality and the idyllic beach make this a great place for families to enjoy as well as sun seekers from all over the world. In July and August, Tamariu is overcrowded, so I recommend visiting this place in June, though September isn’t a bad time at all. However, if you still want to visit Tamariu in July or August, make sure you make all the necessary bookings well in advance and get to the beach as early as possible.

8. Playa de Las Rodas, Galicia

Playa de Las Rodas GaliciaOften regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world, Playa de Las Rodas is picturesque even if its Atlantic waters are on the cold side. Even so, this beach is dramatic in its beauty. Explore this breathtaking beach and enjoy some of Galicia’s world-renowned cuisine!

9. Playa de Las Catedrales, Ribadeo

Playa de Las Catedrales RibadeoPlaya de Las Catedrals is renowned for its soaring arches, sea caves, and majestic cliffs. This dramatic Galician beach is the perfect place for coastal exploration. If you are planning to visit Playa de Las Catedrales, consider staying here for 5-7 days, otherwise you won’t have enough time to explore this mysterious place. With its beautiful scenery, this beach is a must-visit location.

10. Cala Bassa, Ibiza

Cala Bass, IbizaStunning in the extreme, Cala Bassa remains one of Ibiza’s most beloved beaches. Transparent waters and a backdrop of picturesque junipers make this an extraordinary destination. The blue water is almost other-worldly. Cala Bassa is the perfect place for any party junkie and those who want to jazz up their boring life. For an intensely thrilling experience, this beach should not be missed!

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If you plan to visit Spain, be sure to add some of these beautiful beaches to your itinerary. Each is singular in its own way. Whether you want to swim, boast, or simply explore the coast, these beaches offer something for everyone. Summer is approaching so fast that it’s time to start thinking about your vacation right now. Do you know any other beaches in Spain not mentioned on my list that you’ve ever visited? Please share your experience with us.