5 Best Exercises If You’re Over 40

As we get older, sometimes we put exercise on the back burner, for whatever reason. But, it’s actually super important to stay active the older you get. Regular exercise prevents bone loss, improves coordination, boosts your mood and memory, and eases the symptoms of many chronic conditions. That’s a whole lot of good. Here are 5 exercises ideal for the over-40 set:


40 biking

A terrific option for those prone to joint pain, biking is an awesome form of low-impact cardio that has a similar heart-raising effect as running without the constant pounding on your knees and feet. Plus, it’s just fun.



40 swimming

Hit the pool for a terrific full-body workout that goes easy on your back and hips but still torches calories and tones all over. An hour of moderate swimming can burn up to 500 calories and jump-starts your metabolism, which means you’ll continue to burn cals even after you’ve dried off.



40 yoga

You don’t have to be able to hold a handstand for five minutes to reap the many health benefits of yoga and Pilates. In addition to strengthening your spine and core, these practices (even at their most basic) do wonders for flexibility and improve mobility. In addition to the physical effects, yoga and Pilates provide a host of mental benefits, from stress reduction to increased energy.



40 rowing

We’ve long heralded rowing as one of the most efficient and enjoyable forms of exercise, and that’s doubly true for fitness enthusiasts over a certain age. Rowing is low-impact and, contrary to popular belief, is predominantly a leg workout, similar to squats. And, according to a study by Kings College in London, people with more powerful legs have sharper minds as well.



40 crossfit

OK, stay with us. When you imagine the average CrossFit athlete, you probably picture a 25-year-old with a six-pack like whoa. Having taken our fair share of CrossFit classes, though, we feel completely confident saying that the workout is truly for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. WODs (workouts of the day) are not only monitored by a coach but they’re also scalable, meaning said coaches offer modifications depending on what you can and can’t do.