10 Of The Best Places To Live Abroad

Most of us have a deep, sneaking dream to just quit everything and go abroad.

And if you’re going to make the scene change permanent, Switzerland is apparently the best place to do so. The country ranked first on HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey, which polled nearly 9,300 expats around the world — people who actually live the dream! — about the quality of life, financial well-being and ease of raising a family in their new homes abroad.

Switzerland’s work-life balance earned especially high marks in the survey, which included 34 countries. And it’s just one of many accolades: Switzerland also ranked high on this summer’s Expat Insider report from expat community site InterNations. That survey asked expats in 61 countries to rate their experience in areas like personal finances and ease of settling in — Switzerland ranked first for “quality of life,” aka the ideal blend of leisure options, travel and transportation, health and safety and personal happiness.

In an interesting twist, Ecuador lead the InterNations list as the top expat destination overall. “Expats are generally very pleased with their financial situation in Ecuador,” the report reads. Respondents also said it was easy to settle in and make friends in the South American hotspot.

Asia also has some of the best places for expats to live — 76 percent of expats in the HSBC survey said they have more disposable income since moving to China, according to a press release. Hong Kong and Singapore placed in the top 10 of both surveys, with stellar scores for general quality of life from InterNations.

Considering a move (or just looking for a good daydream)? Here are some of the top places for expats, 2014.

HSBC rank: 1
InterNations rank: 4

HSBC rank: 2
InterNations rank: 6

HSBC rank: 4
InterNations rank: 12

New Zealand
HSBC rank: 6
InterNations rank: 16

Hong Kong
HSBC rank: 10
InterNations rank: 10

HSBC rank: 11
InterNations rank: 14

HSBC rank: 12
InterNations rank: 9

HSBC rank: 21
InterNations rank: 3

HSBC rank: 24
InterNations rank: 7

HSBC rank: 7
InterNations rank: 22