Best Time To Book Hotel For Summer Vacation

TripAdvisor analyzed hotel booking data from April 2014 to February 2016 to provide estimates of when the best deals are available in destinations around the world. The results — based on both instant booking and meta click data from booking partners — provides insights for nine regions and 25 cities for June, July and August.

The analysis defines the “best time to book” as periods “when hotel prices were less than the average for the destination.”

United States


TripAdvisor found that the best time for booking U.S. hotels is inside of two months of the trip. “U.S. hotel pricing remains fairly steady throughout the year, but those booking within two months of their summer trip can save 7% on their hotel.”


Book within 4 months before your trip to save 7% compared to peak prices in the Caribbean.

Central America

Travelers can save an average of 7% by booking hotels in Central America within three months of their trip.

South America

TripAdvisor found that travelers can save 20% by booking within four months of their trip. If you feel like risking it, there’s another 2-4% savings to be found in the final few weeks before travel.


For booking in Europe, the analysis found that booking between 3-5 months beforehand saves travelers 22% off peak booking prices.

If you are traveling to Europe this summer, that means now, so don’t wait to figure out your hotel plans.



To save an average of 23% off peak hotel prices in Asia, book within three months of travel, but not in the period 3-5 weeks out. In those three weeks, prices rise, before hitting — on average — the lowest prices in the final two weeks before stays.

Middle East

The report suggests booking hotels in the Middle East within four months of travel, when travelers can save as much as 24%. As in Asia, prices increase 3-4 weeks out, but dip again in the final weeks before travel.


For hotels in Africa, travelers could save on average 21% when booking within five months of travel. And again, as with Asia and the Middle East, hotel prices can rise 3-5 weeks out. If you haven’t made your plans by then, wait until the final few weeks to book and save.

South Pacific

Travelers can save an average of 19% by booking within five months of travel to the South Pacific.

By city

If you are traveling to a specific city, TripAdvisor also has suggestions for 25 of the most popular:

  • Bangkok – Within three months for 16% savings
  • Barcelona – 2-7 months out for 27% savings
  • Beijing – 2-6 months out for 16% savings
  • Berlin – 2-5 months out for 33% savings
  • Buenos Aires – 1-4 months out for 19% savings
  • Cancun – 2-4 months for 16% savings
  • Cape Town – Within three months for 13% savings
  • Dubai – Within two months for 40% savings
  • Dublin – 2-5 months out for 14% savings
  • Hanoi – Within three months for 16% savings
  • Istanbul – Within five months for 29% savings
  • Jakarta – Within three months for 39% savings
  • London 3-5 months out for 18% savings
  • Marrakech – Within four months for 28% savings
  • Moscow – 4-7 months out for 55% savings
  • Mumbai – Within three months for 17% savings
  • New York City – 2-4 months out for 25% savings
  • Orlando – 1-4 months for 10% savings
  • Paris – Within four months for 32% savings
  • Prague – 2-5 months for 33% savings
  • Rio – 3-5 months out for 11% savings
  • Rome – 3-5 months for 32% savings
  • Singapore – two weeks to five months for 26% savings
  • Sydney – Within five months for 34% savings
  • Tokyo – 2-5 months for 31% savings


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