Bucket List Cruises You Have To Take

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There’s a time and place for backpacking around the globe, but what about traveling the world by boat? Voyage the world by sea and cruise through these top destinations that should be on everyone’s bucket list.


Why would someone ever start a cruise bucket list with a cold destination? Because the Great White Continent is filled with adorable penguin dotted beaches, whales, eagles and breathtaking icebergs wafting by. Explore the beautiful Denale National Park, located near Anchorage. The last frontier might be the first place you want to visit on your bucket list cruise! Try Denali Explorer Cruise or Princess Cruises.

Galapagos Island

An adventurous but perfectly scenic and remote destination. This is basically a sea safari, with stingrays, blue-footed boobies, massive sea turtles and a variety of endangered species wandering around you. It has ideal temperatures year round. We suggest the Silversea Expeditions tour, which combined Frette sheets, butler and marble bathrooms for an upscale island experience.

Northern Lights, Norway’s Coast

If you visit in colder months, the gorgeous green and purple swirls of sky known as the Northern Lights can be seen, as a once in a lifetime opportunity. The land of the midnight sun is dotted with fjords and white-capped rushing waterfalls, and regal mountains. A voyage with Hurtigruten is what we suggest.


This destination is so exciting because it wasn’t on the table until recently. Now that Americans are able to visit this magical country, you can embark on a journey to Havana and enjoy cigars, mojitos, and vintage automobiles The Viking Ocean Cruise’s “Viking Star” route sales from Miami all the way to Santiago, letting you explore nightlife and come home to a comfortable ship with a Scandinavian spa.


Holland America Line has been doing cruises in Alaska for over 70 years, and you can choose from a 10 to 10 night journey which runs from April to September. The staggering vistas are

Filled with majestic glaciers, whales, and wildlife unlike any other, and ports filled with charm. Watching a glacier calving or breaking off into the water is something surreal to behold. Most mainstream cruises travel here available.