A Quick Guide To Choosing Gifts For Millennials

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When it comes to choosing gifts; millennials can be hard to buy for! After all, what do you buy the generation who claim to have everything?
It’s a tough one … that’s for sure.

The good news is that you often just need to think a little outside the box. Stop thinking movies (after all, millennials just all stream Netflix, don’t they?), music (they’ve all got an Apple Music subscription and AirPods) and makeup and ask yourself what you can get that’s a little bit different.

Here’s our guide to inspire you to choose gifts for millennials … good luck!

Something Useful

First things first, why not go for something useful? Now we’re not talking socks and slippers here; rather something which looks bang-on yet is totally practical.
These personalised phone cases from Stringberry allow you to create the perfect gift whilst protecting a device which is likely glued to their hands every minute of the day! Useful doesn’t have to mean boring and these cases mean business.

On the other end of the useful spectrum; you really can’t go wrong with a luxury leather handbag such as one from the Lakeland Leather range if it’s a gift for the girls or perhaps a luxury leather wallet for the guys.
There’s practical everyday items which we all need yet maybe don’t want to splash our own cash on …
Don’t be afraid to think simple either. If you know the recipient is after something, why not go for the easy route? After all, no one wants to think that their gift will spend the next 12 months collecting dust, do they?

Something Luxurious

Of course, if you don’t fancy useful, why not go for the luxurious?
Both the girls and guys rarely turn down something which they can flaunt in front of their friends and we’re not sure we blame them! After all, isn’t that what presents are for?
We love these Michael Kors watches available at H Hogarth Jewellers but there’s so many more options you could choose as well. Rings, bracelets, necklaces … all brilliant gifts when you’re stuck for inspiration and fancy going down the luxury route!

If budgets are on the bigger side, however, why not go all out and really treat them? Maybe a spa day would give them the break they need from the stresses and strains of everyday life? Or a long weekend city break?
Don’t forget, millennials love to see the world and it’s a gift which will create lasting memories which won’t be forgotten in a hurry!


Whatever you choose, don’t get too serious … you really don’t need to think traditional when it comes to gift giving to millenials. As a generation, you’re far safer going for fun if all else fails and don’t be afraid to ask … they’re a to-the-point group who would rather you involved them than went and gave something which wasn’t them.

At the end of the day, have some fun choosing and enjoy doing so … good luck!