The 10 Cities to Visit in 2015

Here are the 10 cities you should schlep to next year.

  • 1. Washington, D.C.
    Richard Nowitz/Getty
    The National Museum of African American History and Culture opens in 2015, at which time it will be America’s only national museum devoted to African-American culture.
  • 2. El Chalten, Argentina
    There are glaciers, lake and waterfalls galore around here, which make it a great place for adventure. Plus, 2015 marks the spot’s 30th birthday.
  • 3. Milan, Italy
    Piero M. Bianchi/Getty
    Yes, Milan is Milan, but the fashion capital will also play host to Expo 2015 from May through October.
  • 4. Zermatt, Switzerland
    Jorg Greuel via Getty Images
    It’s a famous mountain resort town and it will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Edward Whymper’s ascent of the Matterhorn.
  • 5. Valletta, Malta
    Nicholas Pitt/Getty
    The stunningly underrated Maltese capital will celebrate the big 4-5-0 since the Great Siege back in 1565.
  • 6. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    Maya Karkalicheva/Getty
    The Bulgarian city has a beautifully-kept Old Town, killer nightlife and enough quirkiness and history to make it worth your while. In short, 2015 will show that Plovdiv is under-the-radar no longer.
  • 7. Salisbury, UK
    Andreas Jones/Getty
    The city, not far from Stonehenge, is home to the best-preserved original copy of the Magna Carta, which is marking its 800th birthday in 2015. Expect festivals and revelry galore.
  • 8. Vienna, Austria
    Harvey Meston via Getty Images
    You’re undoubtedly familiar with the famed Austrian city. But 2015 marks a LOT of birthdays for the European capital, including the 150th birthday of the Ringstrasse.
  • 9. Chennai, India
    Ashok Sinha via Getty Images
    The long-overlooked metropolis will be home to India’s first integrated mass transit system come 2015.
  • 10. Toronto, Canada
    Tony Shi Photography/Getty
    Roughly 250,000 visitors will descend on the city for the Pan American Games in 2015.