Your Cycle and Conception


Any women, however healthy she is, there is always a doubt regarding the conception and period cycle. I was one among them. The same time last year, I and my husband started planning for pregnancy. Little we were aware of infertility and stuff. It took a long time and did not really bother with life as it was amazing otherwise. But slowly we started feeling the awkwardness in our conversations. Conception was not just happening. We decided to visit a fertility clinic in Mumbai and discuss with the fertility doctor over there. And we had our discussion. More than the discussion it was an enlightening session for both of us. As a couple, we understood what is natural and what is not.

Is my cycle normal or not: This is very common doubt which all of us will have. Many women feel that their cycle is not normal even in reality it is. The cycles will not be perfect every month. There could be tolerance here and there. But this is perfectly normal one to have. So when we are talking about your cycles being normal it simple does mean that your cycles are not occurring every two weeks nor every two months once. If you have an irregular cycle, do not worry. You can still become pregnant. A woman who has a 34 – 41-day cycle will ovulate lesser than women with a regular period cycle. That is going to be the only difference. The next one which is most commonly asked is, can I get pregnant during my period. Yes, you can. But this is a natural phenomenon which occurs very rarely. The sperm lives up to 5 days inside the women and it is possible for her to get pregnant based on her ovulation cycle.

Birth control pills are trending now for two reasons. One is unprotected sex and the other is to bring in a period when you are having PCOD or PCOS. But longtime usage of birth control pills will cause hormonal disturbances and can lead to liver disorders. The pill is very harsh and could give additional symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Most women complain of stomach burns and headache after a pill. So it is advised to stay away from birth control pills as much as possible.

According to a research done by a fertility clinic in Chennai, you can take your pregnancy test a day or two before your expected period. If you get a positive result then it is all well and good for you. If you get a negative result, repeat the test after 48 hours before your cycle starts. Most of the self-examination test work better for a week before your expected period.