14 Easy Halloween Makeup Costumes

These easy Halloween makeup tutorial videos will spark some inspiration in even the most amateur artist:


This intricate-looking makeup uses a few iridescent eyeshadows and liners to create something magical. The most impressive hack? YouTuber RhiannonClaire uses a fishnet glove to stencil out the scales. Plus, she notes that you can skip a few steps and still nail the look.


All you need are a few products like spirit gum and scar wax by Halloween savior Ben Nye to create the illusion of a gnarly wound. So gross and yet so cool.


One of the best things about this look is that Shaaanxo uses makeup you likely already own including blush, liquid lipstick, eyeliner and lip balm. She uses thread and eyelash glue for the wire, which you can buy online.


If you know how to contour, you can definitely do this adorable deer makeup look. And even if you don’t, this step-by-step video makes it easy to learn. As a bonus, if you skip the white dots and nose and tone the makeup down slightly, it’s actually just a great regular makeup look.


This is arguably the easiest costume on the list. Using a scarring liquid, which tenses the skin when dry, BeautifulYouTV simply adds a red color and voila! A scar is born.


You might recognize James Charles as the first male face of CoverGirl, but his talents go far beyond on-fleek highlighter. Take his burn tutorial, which uses liquid latex, tissue and cotton balls covered in red and black makeup.


Nothing says Halloween like a skull. This one, which also features a pretty intense contour, is spooky and sultry at the same time.


Given the recent box office success of the movie “It”, Stephen King’s twisted character Pennywise is sure to be a popular pick for Halloween this year. For those of us not afraid of clowns, there’s this easy tutorial.



There are so many “pop art” tutorials out there, but none we’ve found that are quite this simple. You’ll pop at your Halloween party using mostly liquid eyeliner.


The line between creepy and cute is thin on Halloween, and this doll tutorial is proof. Like many of the other tutorials listed here, the base makeup is the most involved part, followed by tracing random black lines on the face and filling them in with black gel liner and black and white eyeshadow.


If the cracked doll isn’t creepy enough for you, this one certainly will do the trick. Those huge, sunken eyes are spooky and surprisingly easy to accomplish.


The quintessential Halloween costume made simple. Meow.


The design looks intricate here, but Shonagh Scott explains that it’s actually “very easy.” We’re especially loving the red jewel detail!


You’ll cry tears of happiness ― not blood ― when you find out how easy this gory eye makeup tutorial is. It’s the perfect way to give Halloween a nod without actually doing much of anything at all.