Easy Steps To Improve Your Career

Do you know you’re more than capable of doing your own taxes?

D0 you also know filing your own taxes is a horrible decision?

If you’ve watched even a shred of TV recently, you have no doubt witnessed two ad campaigns battle mightily for your business. The first is from TurboTax, which has termed 2014 “The Year of You” and encourages everyone to file their own taxes. Actually, TurboTax ads like this one are really inspiring. Had my attention start to finish.

On the complete flipside: a commercial from H&R Block claiming that, if you do your own taxes, you will absolutely blow it and leave behind A BILLION DOLLARS.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”F3tlVzjcQiA”]

So…can you handle your own taxes or not?

If you commit to sit down, buckle up and crunch the numbers, then yes…you can definitely do your own taxes.

But let’s go beyond W-4s and 1099s. You are more than capable of all kinds of things.

Mind over matter. That’s all it is.

Here’s what I mean:

1. You can take steps to better your career whenever you want. There are no rules, and there are no limits. You can get started right now.

2. You can teach yourself something new and become instantly more valuable. Yes, you.

3. You can send an email to your best buds and set in motion that cool app you always talk about building together.

4. You can give someone a compliment and make their day.

5. You can start a blog and take your career to an entirely different level.

6. You can knock out the one thing you’ve been meaning to do for a while. And then it’s done.

7. You can download that classic book on leadership and start reading it during your lunch break.

8. You can make things happen for you rather than wait for things to happen to you.

9. You can email someone you respect and schedule a time for coffee to listen and absorb their wisdom. Yep, you can do that right now.

10. You can fight through a challenge rather than give up because the solution didn’t come easily. I know you can.

11. You can decide to take that hobby of yours more seriously. Oh, the many merits of a side hustle.

12. You can go online, find a networking event and make plans to attend. And once you’re there, you can walk up to anyone and begin a conversation. Why? Because you are 100% capable of doing that.

13. You can absolutely apply to that job you have your eye on—as long as you do it the smart way.

14. You can go above and beyond right now even though no one asked you to.

15. You can fire off a thank-you email to someone who helped you out recently. You can certainly find 60 seconds to do it.

16. You can produce your best work today. I mean, really great stuff. What’s stopping you?

17. You can hop up from your desk and ask a co-worker you respect, “Hey, can you show me how to do that?”

18. You can nail that job interview as long as you know how to prepare. Oh, and get there 15 minutes early. You can handle that, right? Right.

19. You can go as far as you want today. All from your seat. Nothing holding you back.

Oh, and as for handling your own taxes?

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