Finland Wants To Pay You To Travel There And Explore Their Country This Summer

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The two things we all know about Finland is how much stunning nature they have and how happy the people living there are. In fact, Finland was voted the happiest country in the world for the second year in the row on the United Nations World Happiness Report!

That’s insanely impressive and to celebrate that they’ve decided to invite 8 people to come visit their country through their ‘Rent A Finn’ program. This program has 8 Finland locals who have volunteered to be happiness guides to the lucky visitors who are chosen!

How the Rent A Finn program works is that anyonewho wishes to apply to visit Finland for free will submit a short video where you explain a little bit about yourself, your connection to nature, and why you want to visit Finland.

After that you’ll fill out a form on the site with a few requirements for the program including being comfortable speaking English. All expenses for the trip are paid for travel and accommodation.

The Finn’s want to share their key to happiness which they claim is spending as much time in nature as possible, which we definitely believe! Each Finn that has volunteered to host visitors has tons of great plans for their guests including sailing, hiking, blueberry picking, and so much more.

It’s probably the best opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to explore the stunning natural landscapes of Finland! Anyone who wants to apply must submit their video and form by April 14th and the winners will be chosen for a trip anytime between June and August this year.