A Hello Kitty-Themed Airline Really Exists And Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Passenger

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Apparently, there’s a big enough demographic of Hello Kitty-obsessed flyers to dedicate an entire airline to it. And it’s just as over-the-top as you imagine, if not way more. The Hello Kitty jets are part of EVA Air, a Taiwanese international airline, and travel to 11 destinations around the world.

Aside from being fully decked out in Kitty visuals, each seat comes with its own set of themed cutlery, headrest pillow, and touch-screen video on demand entertainment system. Even the in-flight meals and snacks are Hello Kitty-shaped and served in a cute pink tray.

EVA’s fleet of Hello Kitty planes come in seven different themes, with names like “Shining Star,” “Joyful Dream,” and “Friendship Bows.” The only difference between them seems to be the massive colourful decals on the outside of the plane, and which character you’ll see on your pillow and headrest.

You can take a Hello Kitty Air flight out of Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, Taiwan. The planes go to major cities in Asia including Bali, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul and Okinawa. They also go to two U.S. cities, Los Angeles and Chicago.

In an article by Marie Claire, the author points out that there were no children on her Hello Kitty flight to Los Angeles. Surprisingly, the airline is popular among adults, even businessmen.

Overall, the planes themselves and their features are much like any other commercial airline, only they’ve taken any and every opportunity to infuse it with “kawaii” flair – even the toilet paper.