LG’s Curved Ultra HD LCD TV

UltraHD (4K) screens have an amazing four times the resolution of HD. Curved displays can improve the picture by cutting down reflections. And a mega-wide 21:9 aspect ratio gives you the best possible size for epic movies. Now crank the screen size up to 105 inches, and you’ve got a cinephile’s dream.

LG plans to unveil a TV with all of those technologies at the 2014 International CES. Boasting a curved screen, the LG 105UB9 is a massive 105-inch TV with an eye-popping resolution of 5,120 x 2,160. The 21:9 display has an ultra-wide shape that matches the aspect ratio of many blockbusters such as The Hobbit and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Surprisingly, the display technology isn’t OLED, the usual go-to tech for curved screens. Instead, it’s an LCD panel, which wasn’t easy to build, LG says. The company had to tap the expertise of its sister company, LG Display, to overcome problems with uneven backlighting for an LCD that big. The white coats at LG Display refined the Thin Film Transistor (TFT) tech to ensure the picture wasn’t compromised by the large size or screen curvature.

While UltraHD resolution and curved displays have little benefit for smaller screens, at 105 inches, your eye will be able to tell the difference. We look forward to feasting ours at CES.