Choose Better Makeup Ideas To Look More Awake

The main purpose why makeup was developed was to hide our flaws and bring out our most beautiful features. In the past few years, more and more makeup products have been designed, so as to help us look more rested. We live in the age of speed, spending a lot of time on computers and other similar devices, dedicating less and less time to sleep. In such situations, it is only normal you should be interested in makeup ideas that will help you look more awake.

1. Incorporate an eyelash curler into your makeup routine

Whether you have long eyelashes or not, you still need to use an eyelash curler, especially if you want for your eyes to look more open. The best results are obtained when the eyelash curler is used three times – once at the root of the lashes, second in the middle part and, third, on the tips. After you have used the eyelash curler, add one or two coats of mascara and impress everyone with how rested you look.

2. Use eyelash enhancers on a daily basis

Not everyone has been born with long or thick eyelashes, some of us have actually to work to obtain them. If you want to look more rested, you need to bring your eyelashes to the best possible level. You can easily achieve that by using the best eyelash enhancers on the market. These contain active ingredients, including natural extracts, capable of stimulating both the growth and thickening of your eyelashes. Used on a daily basis, they will provide the best results you have ever seen.

3. More than one eyeliner on the same lid

Even though this might sound like a stupid idea, you should know it is quite effective. If you want to give out the impression that you have slept an adequate amount of time, apply two eyeliners on the same eyelid. Begin with the one that has a darker color and apply it at the base of the eyelid, to hide any darkness. Dark or brown colors are suitable. Then, add the second eyeliner on top of the first, going for vibrant colors, such as sapphire or emerald.

4. Moisturizer first and foremost

The tired look can be caused not only by the actual state of tiredness or sleep deprivation but also by the lack of hydration. The good news is that you can easily eliminate the dry skin problems, by using a quality moisturizer, before applying any other kind of makeup. For daytime usage, go with a moisturizer that hydrates the skin, without being too heavy (no grease marks on the skin). Leave the thicker, nourishing moisturizer for nighttime usage, as this will stimulate the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself, helping you look more rested in the morning.

5. Nude eyeliner on the lower eyelash line

Many women line their lower eyelash line, but they make the mistake of going with a black eyeliner. Well, this unfortunately only adds to the tired appearance, causing one also to appear older than she is. A nude eyeliner, on the other hand, makes the eyes look bigger and guarantees a well-rested appearance. Avoid tones that are too bright, as they can create problems as well. Instead, go with beige tones, as these offer a natural appearance, and they can easily mask any redness or darkness in the area.

6. Use blush to draw attention from the eyes

If you choose a bright blush color and apply it, so that it brings out your beautiful bone structure, no one will bother to concentrate on the eyes (and thus see how tired you are). In the situation that you have dark circles, it is recommended to choose a pink or gold-colored blush, as this will create contrast and help you look quite beautiful. Avoid orange nuances, as these, will only contribute to the tired appearance.
These are only a couple of makeup ideas you can turn to, in the situation you want to look more awake. Even though makeup can cover the signs of tiredness, it is essential to make an effort and try to sleep more hours each night. At the same time, it is recommended to avoid watching TV or looking into bright screens before going to bed. Sleep hygiene can help you improve the quality of your sleep, so make sure to follow this advice. Do not forget to drink more water as well, as dehydration can make you look even more tired.
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