Look Glam Without a Damn

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As someone who LOVES to wear makeup, I understand that a lot of makeup is WAY too expensive to fit the needs of most people. Like $50 for mascara, it just does not seem worth it. So for those of you like me who cannot afford to spend that much money on makeup, here are my full face picks for the cheapest makeup that works just as good as any expensive brand!

Foundation: This base of the face is usually one of the most costly items on any makeup lovers list. Most foundations range from $40-70. Some can get even more expensive. My favourite foundation to use is the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation which costs $17. This foundation is very lightweight, but also provides medium-full coverage. I like the lightness of the foundation because it does not make my face feel caked or clumped up, and if you need to build up for more coverage your face will not feel heavy!

Concealer: My go-to concealer has always been “Ready Set Gorgeous” by Covergirl. I usually buy mind in a lighter shade to highlight under my eyes, but the coverage is great and it is easy to blend out! This concealer sells for around $8-9. NYX also has a “Gotcha Covered” concealer for $9. While I have yet to try it, I have read great reviews!

Powder: For this product, I use a bit of a pricey product but it has lasted me a long time! Whenever you are going out you do not always have to “bake” your face, and a small amount of powder just to set your base goes a long way! My favourite powder is the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Mini! The Mini contained enough powder to get me through almost a whole year, and is $30. While this might be the most expensive product on the list, it will last you a while.

Eyeliner: NYX is a popular makeup brand for myself, considering it is not high price, but high quality. Once again for this aspect of makeup I like to use my NYX Matte Liquid Liner, you can also get liner that is not matte but I prefer the matte look. This eyeliner costs ten dollars and can usually last me three to five months. It is easy to apply, drys quickly, and stays in place all day even through sweating and crying! I think it is one of the easiest eyeliners I have ever applied.

Eyeshadow: Colourpop has the most stunning eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes for a cheap price. Most of their individual eyeshadows are sold for $7-8 while eyeshadow palettes are sold for $12-25. I wear my “Golden State of Mind” Palette all the time. It provides beautiful, bold, and subtle looks. It can go on the lid lightly, or strong depending on how much you want to build it up. It lasts for most of the day, and comes off easily when being removed so you are not rubbing at your eyes. I will say, however, some of their eyeshadows can be very loose and powdery, causing some excesses to fall over your eye. Most of these shadows I find easiest to apply using my finger as well, as the brush applies them a bit too light for my liking.

Mascara: For mascara, I will use ANY of those created by Essence. They range from $3-6 and they are fantastic! I usually buy a few different ones at a time, and they allow long and bold lashes. A few of my favourites would have to be Lash Princess, Volume Stylist, and Get BIG Lashes. For something so cheap, I was surprised how well they worked.

Eyebrows: For my eyebrows I have experimented with using dipbrow, eyeshadow, and pencils. I find that the Ardell dipbrow which can be found at Walmart for around $16 works just as well as the Anastasia Beverly Hill dipbrow sold at Sephora for $23. E.L.F cosmetics also has a dipbrow for $4, which I have yet to try, but have heard good things.

Contour: The NYX contour kit sells for $27, which seems a bit expensive. However, when compared to contour kits from cosmetic lines presented at Sephora which range from $45+, it is not so bad!

Highlighter: Essence has a beautiful range of highlighters for only $6. I think they are lovely and provide a nice glow! Colourpop also has BEAUTIFUL highlighters for only $7.

Lip Products: I would recommend getting all lip products from Colourpop. My favourite of their products are the satin and metallic finishes. The have a wide range of colours to choose from and many different styles. Most lippies are sold for $7-8. They stay on all day, but sometimes you have to fight to get them off! I love their finishes, and how well the product stays on the lip, and how it feels.

Hope you guys enjoy grabbing these deals, and looking glam while still having money in your wallets!!