The Most Luxury Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Honeymoon period is the most wonderful trend to indulge in partner love and spend quality time with each other. Be it the secluded beach honeymoon or the lavish resort treat, couples will never miss a chance to choose the best for themselves. So, if you’ve been hunting for some top honeymoon destinations, we have a list for you!

1. Maldives
Your perfect luxurious honeymoon getaway is right here. From almost 1,200 islands to choose from and unwind at, Maldives has a galore of super fascinating resorts and fine stay options for the couples. Tree-house resorts, over-the-water bungalows and lots of delicious cuisines await you here!

2. Bora Bora
If you’ve always wished for a paradise as your dream honeymoon destination, you are much closer to it now. Bora Bora, the ultimate fairy tale island is most of the couples’ first choice. There are lots of unconventional stay options in Bora Bora that offer a magnificent experience on your honeymoon.

3. Fiji
This has been the most beloved honeymoon spot for exotic and luxurious holidays. Couples, including the celebrities are often seen unwinding themselves at one or the other islands at Fiji.

4. Santorini
If you’ve been fretting over how to plan a honeymoon that’s full of surprises and exotic experiences, then look no further. Greece has always welcomed romance and has some amazing islands to offer you the best memories to cherish. Santorini is one more beloved spot where most of the couples found solace and peace.

5. Bali
If you are planning an exotic location which would fit your pockets and at the same time do not alter your expectations; go for a honeymoon in Bali. It’s the most preferred honeymoon destination for the couples who’re looking out for a much beautiful, hassle free and affordable trip. Bali has some truly fantastic attractions to visit and delicious cuisine to relish.

6. Paris
Let your honeymoon be no less than a romantic movie, where you kiss each other under the magnificent Eiffel Tower and fall in love all over again! This might burn a little hole in your pocket but if you plan things well in advance you’re sure to save a huge amount of monies.

7. India
Yes, India is a lot more than just crowded streets and cluttered spaces. Some of the legendary romances in the history of the country have Indian roots. The famous Taj Mahal at Agra and the super relaxing Jodhpur Palaces are no less than a paradise for lovers. Spend your honeymoon at any of the northern or southern locations in India and you will have the best time of your life!