10 Places To Visit In 2015

So you want to know where to go but don’t want to spend hours researching? We get it. And so does Lonely Planet.

The travel pros have published their 10th annual “best in” travel compilation book, complete with round ups of the best cities and countries to visit next year, as well as lists of destinations by activities and where to go when. We love it every year and this year is no exception.

  • Tunisia
    Niko Guido/Vetta/Getty Images
    Yes, this North African country has had its share of struggles of late, but that means fewer tourists and lower prices.
  • Burkina Faso
    Anthony Pappone/Moment Open/Getty Images
    Yes, it can be dangerous for foreigners, but if you choose to go you’ll find a lively capital (Ouagadougou) and great wildlife spotting, Lonely Planet reports.
  • Bali
    Elvera Venus Tandog/Moment/Getty Images
    Bali has long been a budget traveler’s dream spot. But it’s also become a great “value for mid-range adventurers who delight in air conditioning, distinctive Balinese style and a large range of quality places to stay,” says Lonely Planet. Bonus: Legendary cheap spa treatments.
  • Portugal
    Valter Jacinto/Moment/Getty Images
    The Algarve region (pictured) is great for surfers and families alike, as well as pretty much anyone on a budget. But the deals don’t stop there: Lisbon has fewer crowds and cheaper prices than Barcelona.
  • Samoa
    Alejandro MC photo collection/Moment Open/Getty Images
    Lonely Planet put it best:

    It feels like we’ve heard this one before: ‘Beautiful, undeveloped tropical paradise seeks underfunded travellers for discreet liaison.’ Best visited by jumping off from New Zealand or Australia, these islands are one of the best travel deals in the Pacific.

  • Shanghai
    Mark Horn/Digital Vision/Getty Images
    Yes, there are certainly ways to go high-end here, but there are also “no nonsense” dorms for $10, great street food and affordable plates at popular restaurants. Bonus: the city is totally walkable, so you can zip around for free.
  • Uruguay
    Lucas Brentano/Moment/Getty Images
    Yes, there are peak (read: pricey) times on the country’s coast, the beach scene here is hip and Montevideo is laid-back. The country remains a relatively undiscovered part of burgeoning South America.
  • Romania
    Holger Mette/ E+/Getty Images
    Eastern European nations are often on best-value lists, and Romania is no exception. Business travelers flock to Bucharest, leaving holiday times to leisure travelers looking for a deal. The country is serviced by budget airlines, connecting it to the rest of the continent, making a quick jaunt totally doable.
  • Taiwan
    Balmung/Moment/Getty Images
    Taipei is “significantly” cheaper than Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo, what with dorm beds and home stays. Or camp out in one of the island’s national parks. Transportation is cheap thanks to standardized rail prices and great food is easily accessible.
  • South Africa
    Mark Harris/Digital Vision/Getty Images
    Come here in shoulder season (February, March, September and October) to experience lower crowds and comfortable weather.