Why To Make The Switch From Coffee To Tea

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Green tea is the holy grail in terms of health benefits, but if you need to wean slowly with black tea and then herbal, that’s a superb option as well.

While coffee does have its scientific benefits, it is also a famous tooth-strainer, so if you don’t want to spend hundreds on tooth whitening procedures (which are often enamel-killing), opt for green or white tea instead, and they won’t get stained nearly as much.

If your argument is that you need your daily java for energy, we’re here to let you know that you can actually stay awake longer with tea than with coffee. 8oz of espresso contains about 60mg of caffeine, while 8oz of black tea can contain up to 70mg. The caffeine is chemically different than that in coffee, so you also won’t have to deal with that horrible coffee comedown crash.

Tea hydrates your body much better than coffee does. More than 3 cups of coffee can dehydrate you, but getting your 8 cups of water in with some tea is easy peasy. Due to hydration and metabolism improving properties, tea has also been linked to weight loss.

It can help you sleep, whereas coffee will jut aggravate sleep disorders. Lavender tea and chamomile tea have both been linked to improved sleep patterns, and there are plenty of all natural sleepy-time blends that you can try out.

Coffee exacerbates and irritates heartburn, whereas tea helps it subside. Coffee causes the band of muscle between your stomach and esophagus to relax, leaving an opening which allows stomach acid to plash back up to the esophagus and cause acid reflux. Tea doesn’t do this at all, and will actually calm stomach aches, heartburn,

You’ll also experience less muscle cramps. Over-consumption of coffee makes it difficult for the body to absorb magnesium. This can result in the aforementioned sleep problems as well as muscle cramps, but tea doesn’t have these effects at all.

If these physical benefits aren’t already enough, tea will also make you much less irritable than coffee will. Coffee can worsen stress and anxiety (though we usually consume it when stressed), but tea won’t make you jittery or on edge. Keep your body and mind balanced by making the switch temporarily, if not for good.