Top 8 Places to visit in your trip to Bangkok


Southeast Asia has been getting a lot of limelight in the recent years. One of the most talked about places in the country of Thailand. It is beautiful in its territory and also in its culture. People have been planning  Thailand Vacation Rentals to experience the best things of the country. Thailand is best known for its picture-perfect destinations and its upcoming modern culture. The 5-star hotels and latest trends contrast the peacefulness of religion. It has had great development in the recent years and has made great progress in the world economy. So, it is a must for anyone to travel to Thailand at least for a few days. Let us know the country in a bit more clear way.

A Little about the Country of Thailand:

Once upon a time, Thailand was known as Siam, and it is situated in the Indo-Chinese Peninsula. The countries of Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia surround it. The largest city of Thailand is Bangkok which is also its capital. Thailand is a land of 69 million people, and it has the 20th position in the population of the world. Thailand has a rich history of several people ruling over them. First, it was the nearby countries, and then the Europeans also eyed the beautiful place. But it stood colonized amidst of everyone. It has now seen its ways to parliamentary democracy and comes out as an important country of this world. The main religion followed is Buddhism. Tourism is an important part of Thailand, and it makes up about 6% of its economy.


Amazing Places to Visit in Thailand:

Thailand is quite a big country, so it is impossible to visit all of them. So, this list will provide you with some places that are a must visit when you are in Thailand. Of course, you can add or subtract places according to your own choice. So, let us begin:

  • Bangkok  You cannot possibly miss the capital city of Thailand when you visit the country. It is one of the best-known cities in the world. There is a clear contrast between the daytime and night-time of things to do in Bangkok. In the daytime, you can visit The Grand Palace which is a beautiful place to visit. At the place, you will be stunned to see the unique architecture along with the golden works. One of the most important temples at this place is the Wat Phra Kaeo which has an idol of Emerald Buddha. At night, Bangkok changes into a nightlife destination. You can experience the bars, the lady shows or the numerous small eateries around the city.


  • Koh Phi Phi – If you ever wanted to visit blue crystal clear water among a terrain of sand and forest then Phi Phi is the perfect place for you. The place is so exquisite that it has become a popular resort site for the tourists. Some beautiful beaches on the island are the Monkey Beach and the Long Beach. The Maya Bay is one of the best places to enjoy snorkeling in Thailand.


  • Ayutthaya – People often visits Thailand to find spirituality and peace. This place is a must visit to uncover the history of Thailand. It holds the ruins of ancient Thailand and people can go through all of it. Quite near to Bangkok one can experience the ancient architecture and former glory of the country. UNESCO protects the place, and it also has a historical park inside it.


  • Sukhothai Old City – If you are thinking of taking good photos that are perfect for the postcard then this is an apt place. It is a UNESCO Heritage site, and they have done everything to restore the place. It is a historical park and has temples, Buddha statues, and palace buildings. Do not forget to take a bicycle ride around the place as it is unforgettable.


  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market  You may experience gondolas in Venice, but the floating market is unique to Thailand. People use it as a usual marketplace like any other. Tourist can spend some money to experience it to the fullest. It starts early in the morning, and you see trading with your own eyes. Everything from food to clothes to flowers can be found in this market.


  • Khao Yai National Park Experiencing the wildlife of a country is very important for anyone. It gets you acquainted with the local animals and plants of the country. Elephants are the national animal of Thailand and to see them in their glory you have to visit this park. You can see them in their natural habitat and experience their daily routine. Along with them, you can also experience other birds and animals which are found in Thailand.


  • Long Neck Hill Tribe Villages Probably all of us have seen the beautiful long-necked women of Thailand and their neck jewelry. You can see them in front of you by indulging in a tour. You can buy a ticket to walk through the village to have a glimpse at the people.


  • Monkey Temples of Lopburi People who love history will find this place enticing. The place mainly has some temple ruins that you can visit. The main attraction is the several monkeys that have made it their home. It is a heaven for people who love monkeys.


We hope that you have a nice trip in Thailand. Visit as many places as you can and enjoy the country. Do not forget to take lots of pictures and Thailand is one of the best countries to take pictures in. Visit as many places as possible to have the best experience.