This 300-km Trail In Nova Scotia Is The Most Breathtaking Drive You’ll Ever Go On

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Long scenic drives have to be one of the most relaxing things to do. Taking in the views, listening to music, and talking about anything and everything are what long drives are all about. There are a few stunning trails in Canada that let you drive through incredible views. From the drive through the Thousand Islands to the trail that connects Canada from coast to coast, the drives you can go on during the summer are endless.

This trail in Nova Scotia is known for it’s insane views and unbelievable roads. Whether you drive to see the wildlife, the ocean, or the forestry, you will be in complete awe of the amazing trail. Pack your road-trip bag, download your favourite playlist, and get your friends together because it’s time to adventure to this incredible drive.

Cape Breton Island’s Cabot Trail is where you need to go this summer for the most surreal views. The trail opened in 1932 and has been treating everyone to spectacular views since. The entire route is circular and it goes through the upper portion of Cape Breton Island. The most insane views are seen as you drive beside Cape Breton Highlands National Park. While you drive you may see a few bald eagles, moose, or even a bear!

The drive will also take you through towns that represent both Scottish and French traditions. There are a few places you can stop and step out of your car to look at the views from a lookout point.

Anyone that loves to drive will love everything about the Cabot Trail. As soon as you hit the road there are tons of twists, turns, ups and downs. But even if you’re not a huge fan of driving, this trail is worth seeing through a hike. There are 26 hiking trails at Cabot Trail. The Skyline Trail is a simple 6 km loop that has stunning coastal views from atop French Mountain.

When you start the drive you have to choose exactly which direction you would like to go in. You can either go clockwise or counter-clockwise. When you drive clockwise, you’ll be on the inside lane as you drive along both coasts. This may be the best direction to drive if you’re someone that is afraid to drive right beside steep drops. If you drive counter-clockwise you may get a better view of the ocean vistas throughout the drive. Driving counter-clockwise is also less popular so there is less traffic on the route.

Make your way to Cape Breton this summer to see these stunning views. Going during the fall is also unbelievable since all of the trees are vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Be sure to check your brakes before heading to Cape Breton as the Cabot Trail can be pretty steep. For more information about Cabot Trail visit this website here.