The Four Types of Physiotherapy to be Aware Of

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Physiotherapy is amazingly useful and potentially lifechanging in so many cases. No matter who you are and what you do, chances are that you’re going to benefit from seeing a physiotherapist – even just once! As with all healthcare, it’s usually best to know exactly what the professional you’re seeing specialises in. This will avoid you getting the wrong type of treatment! Physiotherapy is a wide-open field, with many nuances and specifics within it. Before you book in with a therapist who looks idyllic, take the time to consider what type of physio you actually want to get! Read on for the four most common types of physiotherapy to be aware of…


Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is targeted towards professional sportspeople or for those who lead a highly active lifestyle. Your sports physiotherapist will help you with healing traumatic injuries, treating older pains, improve your flexibility and performance and with an effective cool-down routine. All of these elements are essential to improving your physical condition and your actual performance! Whether you find yourself suffering from shin splints, tennis elbow, lower back pain, Achilles troubles or any other sports-related injury, you’ll find that a sports physiotherapist can fix you right up. Enjoy a holistic and multifaceted approach to your health and fitness!


Orthopaedic Physiotherapy  

This is the treatment for multiple pains that may be impacting your general range of motion, its also known as musculoskeletal physiotherapy. This type of physio is all about balance, and you’ll experience a specialised and harmonised combination of treatments to restore health, mobility and in severe case function to your painful areas. This delicate balance of treatment might include stretching, massaging, heat therapy and spine manipulation. You may also find yourself with a few take-home exercises to make the process faster and more effective.


Geriatric Physiotherapy 

Geriatric physiotherapy is a treatment that is especially tailored towards older people. As we undergo the aging process, we’re all met with new and unexpected issues, injuries or just less mobility than we might have previously been used to. Taking care of yourself as you move into a later stage in your life is incredibly important, it will keep you pain-free, feeling fit and resistant to injury! Your specialised geriatric physio will be trained in helping diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other issues such as arthritis or loss of motion. Your tailored program will work to make your day to day life more comfortable, mobile and just generally easier! Enjoy your older adult years as you’re supposed to and get rid of your pain with physiotherapy that’s especially tailored to you and your experiences.


Rehabilitation Physiotherapy and General Pain Management

Chronic pain can surface for many reasons. Sometimes you’re suffering from surgery or a serious injury that has left you with less mobility that you might be used to. In these cases, physiotherapy is absolutely essential for recovery and muscle restoration. This is going to get you back on track and allow you to enjoy your life as you used to! Many people opt for physiotherapy before they undergo surgery, this prepares you for the impact of the procedure and aims to make your recovery less painful. 

Now that you’re educated on the four most common types of physiotherapy you can start on looking for the treatment that you need! Explore physiotherapy in Sydney CBD to find a specialised, qualified therapist who can get you the results that you’re searching for.