Easy Ways To Cut Your Sugar Intake

A recent World Health Organization report recommends getting only 5 percent of our daily calories from sugar. Most Americans consume nearly triple that. Giving up the sweet stuff may seem daunting, but a few simple changes will ease the pain significantly.



Replace vanilla-flavored yogurt with plain nonfat Greek.
Save: 19 grams
(Need more sweetness? Top with a low-sugar fruit like raspberries.)

Do The Math: To figure out how many calories you’re consuming from sugar, multiply the grams of sugar on the nutrition label by four. A food with 15 grams, for example, has 60 calories from sugar per serving. In a 2,000-calorie diet, that’s 3 percent.


burger ketchup

Add one tablespoon of ketchup to your burger instead of two.
Save: 4 grams

Downsize a 12-ounce soda to an eight-ounce one.
Save: 14 grams

Afternoon Snack

black woman coffee

Switch from an eight-ounce latte to an eight-ounce coffee with two tablespoons of cream.
Save: 7 grams


canned tomatoes

Make homemade pasta sauce with canned tomatoes instead of using jarred sauce.
Save: 4 grams


banana smoothie

Swap one cup of vanilla ice cream for a fruity treat: Slice a medium banana, freeze, and toss into a blender.
Save: 14 grams

Total Sugar Saved: 62 grams
(248 Calories, 12 percent of a 2,000-calorie diet)