What Can You Expect From A Rehabilitation Center?

Addiction is a kind of chronic brain disorder. Persons who are addicted to drugs or alcohol should be taken to a rehabilitation center. The main objective of a rehabilitation center is to help the addicted person to stop the consumption of drugs or alcohol. The treatments that are provided in drug rehab Chicago center may have various settings or may be of different forms.  But the treatment generally involves a long process and involves multiple interventions and intensive care. That is the reason it is very essential that you take an addicted individual to a nearby rehab center so that he can receive the appropriate treatment. But whenever people listen about rehabilitation center several questions come to their mind. What is rehab like? is the first question that struck into the mind of the addicted person. That is the reason why we have come with all the details about what you can expect from a rehabilitation center.

What treatment is given in drug or alcohol abuse rehab center?

The treatments that are followed in the rehab center may differ but it is found that all rehab centers follow a proven therapy framework.  The stage of treatment also varies from individual to individual. But all types of treatment in any rehab center goes through the following routine during each part of the day:

  • Treatment in the morning session: The patients in the rehab center are not allowed to wake late in the morning. Rather they have to wake up early in the morning and encouraged to have light exercise or yoga or meditation so that their mind remains relaxed throughout the day. Then these addicted persons are given healthy and nutritious breakfast. Generally, it is found that drug or alcohol abuse person generally remains emotionally fragile and they always remain hesitant in giving up alcohol or drugs and resistant to the treatment of the rehab center. But this new routine of waking up early in the morning, having mediation and taking nutritious breakfast will certainly help the patient to come out of their old habit of addiction.
  • Treatment in the afternoon session: In almost all rehab centers the afternoon session generally involves intensive treatment. These treatments usually start after the healthy lunch. Different approaches may involve in the treatment that includes individual behavior therapy, group therapy, specialized therapy, family therapy and various types of activities.

Individual therapy mainly concentrated on the behavioral responses of the patient. In this type of treatment, the patient is given to do something that boosts their confidence.

In group therapy, the patient generally gets a sense of community and this treatment helps the patient to realize that they are not alone who is going through this stage. They are surrounded by many similar persons whom they can take as their companion and share their personal stories. This therapy helps the patient to heal their sufferings in a great way. As the days pass the patient gets the opportunity to develop a close connection with the fellow members of the rehab center and it also helps them to develop a trust among the group. This helps the patient to understand themselves in a better way which in turn will help in coming out of their problems.

In specialized therapy various types of specialized therapy session take place such as the patients are given grief counseling, they are taught how to manage their stress and anger, and how to handle other negative issues of their life. Thus, with the help of this therapy, the patient gets a new way about how to cope with their problems.

Similarly, family therapy and other activities help the patient to come out of their problem of addiction in a much better way.

  • Treatment in the evening session: Generally the day in the rehab center ends with the evening therapy session. In the evening patients are often encouraged to share their experience in the group or any other healthy fun activities. All rehab centers encourage the patient to have light dinner and go to bed early so that they can have plenty of sound sleep which will help then to start fresh in the next day.

Thus, is us seen that a rehab center have a healthy environment which help the patient to come out of their problem of addiction easily.