10 Ways to Redecorate Without Spending a Dime

Got the itch to redecorate–just not the budget? Rather than begrudgingly waiting for a refresh, you can redesign a room with furnishings you already own. Moving and regrouping furniture and accessories can give you new looks and functionality without spending new money. All it takes is a critical (and creative) eye to shop your home and see what can be repurposed. Just keep these 10 tips in mind as you begin your zero-dollar home makeover.

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Switch Rooms
Refresh any room by swapping small tables, rugs, accessories, and art from somewhere else in the house. A print borrowed from the bedroom could update a stale office space, while a bar cart might sub in as a fun nightstand. Keep some furnishings on reserve to switch out seasonally, and you’ll always have something “new” to enjoy.

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Style the Bookshelves
Good for more than just research and pleasure reading, books can contribute to (or detract from) a room’s style. Reorganizing your hardcovers by color and size can calm unruly shelves–just remember to break up a crowded unit with baskets or frames so it doesn’t overwhelm your space.

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Frame “Found” Art
Who doesn’t have a few extra picture frames lying around? Fill them with note cards, souvenirs, and especially pretty panels of wrapping paper or fabric for instant wall art.

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Test Out Open Shelving
Open shelving for the kitchen is very trendy. But before you rip out all of your wall storage, get the look on a trial basis by unhinging some (or all) of your cabinets’ doors. You can line the inside with bright contact paper or use the new visibility to display your most colorful dishes.

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Convert a Daybed
Empty nesters, listen up: Still holding on to an old twin bed? Convert it into a daybed(and extra seating!) by placing it against the wall and lining it with extra throw pillows. Just make sure to swap out the teenage bedding for something more mature.

Photo: West Elm

Repurpose a Table
A saw and a plan can transform a small dining table or entryway console into a squatty coffee table–practically a new piece. Be sure to measure out the height you’d like to hit next to the rest of your seating arrangement.

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Display Your Kitchen Gear
Hang your cast iron or enamel clad pots and pans up for storage that’s functional and still far more stylish than a blank wall. Colanders, dutch ovens, and serving pieces all work well. Bonus points if your pieces work well together as a collection.

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Cull a Gallery Wall
Gather photographs, artwork, or mirrors that might be displaced around the house and group them together to create a gallery wall. In addition to creating a cohesive display for all of your family photos, the wall makes a great focal point for the room.

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Make Quick-Stitch Pillow Covers
New throw pillow designs can update a couch and cost nothing when you repurpose old sweaters, sheets, or even tea towels for the task. And rest easy knowing that pillow covers are perfect beginner sewing projects, able to be stitched up by hand if a sewing machine isn’t readily available.

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Find Extra Function
Take full advantage of furniture that can do double duty. A narrow console table can work as a desk (or vice versa), and you suddenly have “new furniture” in the house. A short bookcase can make a console table, as well, and a bench can double as a coffee table.