4 Unique Ways to Light Up Your Night Time Wedding


Planning a wedding can be a rollercoaster ride. With all the details in place; the cake, the dress, and the flowers, do not forget the finer details. Lighting is one of the most important décor elements but it is often overlooked.

When most people think lighting from a functional point, remember it also sets the mood of your perfect venue and ensures you take great pictures even after the sun sets. When light is used creatively in the right way it can transform an ordinary space into visually stunning spaces.

Here are a few ideas brides should consider:

1. Sparklers

Wedding sparklers have become increasingly common in weddings. It is not a surprise since they are relatively cheap but they have a beautiful impact on the wedding. Not only are sparklers fun and pretty they also look amazing in photos. Every bride should think of having a sparkler send-off after the event.

2. Up lighting

Up lighting also referred to as mood lighting is a great way to give your venue some color while setting the mood. Modern mood lighting fixtures are usually battery powered. They are also wireless ensuring you do not have to worry about ugly cables crossing the venue. Since they are LED you do not have to worry about them getting hot. It is common to have the color of the up lighting match the color theme but there are countless creative ways of using up lighting. If they can be controlled there are endless options.

3. Fairy lights

Fairy lights have become quite popular in weddings these days. There are endless ways of lighting up a venue using fairy lights. They can be draped from trees or you can even try some DIY options. Place the lights inside glass vases and place them on the table as table decorations. Since there are some color options to choose from, select just one and do not mix them up.

4. Moving heads

Moving heads refer to a lighting fixture used by DJs. They can be described as moving spotlights that change color, effect, and pattern. Unlike disco lights, moving heads are flexible since they can be programmed manually. The DJ can manually control them so they produce a light show. To intensify the effect, you can make use of fog or haze.


Having your wedding or the reception after the sun has set does not mean you have to have a dull wedding. Lighting options are endless.