3 Wedding Planner Trends You Didn’t See Coming in 2018



There is something nostalgic about going through your Pinterest feed and reminiscing on 2014 when the Kardashian-West wedding of the century took place. It seemed like over the next year and well into 2016 couples were taking the opulence of the Kim and Kanye’s wedding and incorporating it into their own—complete with peony flower walls and all. That is, until 2018 happened.

With weddings from couples like Kelsea Ballerini to Morgan Evans in sunny Cabo San Lucas, to more private affairs of Jason Momoa to bohemian queen Lisa Bonet, weddings seemed to be centered on sentimental memories rather than lavish decor. That being said, couples who got engaged in 2017 are definitely embracing uniqueness, authenticity, and a little bit of fun.

Below are the three most surprising wedding trends none of us were expecting to happen in 2018.


1. Neon Wedding Signs

Remember when every couple under the sun was rushing towards the Joanna Gaines country chic aesthetic for their wedding? Well, 2018 looks like it will be ditching the chalkboard signs for something a little more exciting, neon signs (think: totally Instagramable).

Wedding planners are using them for couples that are looking to embrace levity and heart back into a sometimes serious affair. Instead of cliché prose on eternal love, couples have been creating unique phrases, intimate sayings, and cheeky jokes to showcase their union. These neon signs can add a little bit of humor and lot of fun all the while completely being reusable as accent pieces in your first home.


2.  Hanging Floral Decor

We’ve seen flower walls, aisles strewn with potted plants, and even the occasional flower hair piece, but in 2018 wedding planners have been incorporating them up above—thats right, hanging floral arrangements. They are becoming wildly popular and even have been used as a canopy for celebrity couple Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evan’s wedding. Whether you are creating one of a kind flower chandeliers or flower ceiling arrangements that hang delicately over reception tables, this trend looks like it is here to stay throughout 2018.


3. Bohemian Weddings

Although everyone loves the traditional wedding, in 2018 couples are definitely straying away from tradition and opting for free-spirited bohemian weddings. Maybe it’s due to Jason Mamoa and Lisa Bonet finally tying the knot, or maybe it’s due to the effortlessness that it takes to style a bohemian wedding, but wedding planners are finding unique locations and romantic candlelit evenings instead of glitz and glam.


Were you surprised by this years 2018 wedding trends? Have you already been to an effortlessly cool bohemian wedding? Leave a comment below and feel free to explore a new trend for wedding planners this year, rooftop venues. Just imagining the city beneath me on a clear night makes me swoon.