20 Minutes Workout

There are no excuses for skipping this Get Fit 2015 challenge workout; it’s only 20 minutes, and it requires no equipment, so no matter where you are, you can fit in a sweat session. Quick and effective, this workout is all cardio with no running required. Yep, you can do it in your living room. So learn the moves below, and get at it.

Directions: Perform each exercise for a minute (or as many reps of each exercise as you can in the 60 seconds, taking breaks as needed). Beginners, aim to work for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. Rest for two minutes between each 10-minute set. Cool down with three to five minutes of stretching.


Here are details on each move:

March With Arm Circle

  • March in place, bringing knee to the height of your hip, while circling your arms backward for 30 seconds and then forward for the remaining time to warm up your shoulders.

Jumping Jack

  • Jump off the balls of your feet as you perform this classic exercise.
  • To modify, step the legs wide and then step them together instead of jumping.

High-Knee Run

  • With elbows bent to sides and hands parallel to the floor, run in place, bringing your knees high so that they touch your hands.

Long Jump and Shuffle Back

  • Start in a squat with arms low and slightly behind you, and take a large jump forward landing softly into a deep squat.
  • Shuffle backward, taking five to eight small steps until you are back where you started.

Butt-Kicker Run

  • Run in place, bringing your heel to your butt to work your hamstring a bit.
  • Pump your arms to keep your upper body moving and your heart rate up.


  • Jump straight up with your hands behind your head.
  • Land in a deep squat, bringing your hands to the floor.
  • Jump your feet into a plank.
  • Jump your feet back toward your hands, and repeat cycle by jumping up.


  • Cross your arms in front of you (rather than overhead) as you bring your feet together in this variation on the classic jack.

Lunge Skip

  • Come into a lunge with your right leg back. Swing your right leg forward to hop up on your left foot, and land softly back in a lunge.
  • Repeat for 30 seconds, and then switch sides.

Mountain Climber

  • Holding the plank position, drive one knee at a time toward your chest like you are running in place.
  • Focus on your abs in this exercise, and do not let your pelvis drift toward the ceiling.

Side Skater

  • Starting with the weight on your right leg, leap sideways to the left, landing softly with a deep bend in your left knee.
  • Reverse directions, jumping onto your right leg.

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