11 Habits Of Fashionable People

Here are 11 Habits Of Insanely Fashionable People:

1. They subscribe to dozens of newsletters. Yes, your inbox might be clogged, but it’s worth it to get alerts on sales and special promotions.

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2. They have a tailor on speed dial. It may seem like a waste of money to tailor a dress from Zara, but perfect fit is the difference between looking fast fashion versus high fashion.

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3. They aren’t scared of items that are dry clean only. Any closet worth its salt is going to have special care pieces — whether it’s a suede skirt, a neoprene top or a sequined blazer. Don’t back away from something just because you can’t toss it in the washing machine.

4. They often size up. So many women get fixated on wearing a certain size, but sizing up can often completely change the look of a garment. Turning a tight tank into a loose top by going up a size will make it uniquely yours.

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5. They understand that the best closets are 70 percent meat and potatoes. It’s always fun to buy trendy, statement pieces, but the most lust-worthy wardrobes are always made up of mostly basics. These neutral garments (think black leather pants, a perfectly tailored blazer, a classic white T-shirt) are the things you should be splurging on, as they will make up the bones of your closet and you’ll be able to wear them multiple times a week.

6. They aren’t afraid to buy something even if they have no place to wear it. When you find an incredible piece, just buy it. The occasion to wear it will come later.

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7. They take things to the repair shop before they fall apart.When you first notice that a pair of shoes is starting to deteriorate, run to the nearest cobbler. If you wait until they are on their last legs (pun intended), it could be too late.

8. They try things on, even if they are out of budget. It can be disheartening to fall in love with something if it’s out of budget. But when and if that item goes on sale, you want to know your size and whether it suits you. If you always try on pieces that are a little out of reach, when the markdowns happen, you can buy it online, even if it’s final sale.

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9. They befriend sales associates. Buddying up to the sales clerk has many advantages — they will put aside items in your size, give you a heads up when a sale is happening and call you when new items arrive.

10. They are the first ones to try a trend. She who hesitates is lost — in the style world, that is. If you notice a new trend that none of your friends have adopted yet, don’t be afraid to be the guinea pig. Big risks equals big rewards (or at least a spot on a street style blog).

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11. They are always shopping. Even when you’re in the men’s section or at an antiques shop, always have your eyes peeled for things that could work in your closet — you never know what gem you might find.

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Let us know in the comments section below what other habits you might think of.