Hot, Humid and Heavy- Beating The Heat During Pregnancy


Becoming a mother is, no doubt, a beautiful feeling. However, first-time pregnancies always bring inhibitions along. Small changes in your body start to worry you, you are scared about what to eat and most importantly how to stay healthy in this situation.

In a country like India, where the climate is mostly tropical, pregnant women should take extra care towards their health. A woman’s body temperature is slightly higher than normal during pregnancy. Thus, they become slightly intolerant towards the heat. It becomes particularly difficult if your delivery date falls during the sweltering months of summer, especially in places like Chennai, Mumbai or Kolkata where the humidity is at its peak. Fret not; we bring you some amazing tricks to beat the heat while you await the arrival your little bundle of joy! Read on!


If you reside in a city where the temperatures are unbearably hot and humid, make it a point to stay indoors during the peak hours of the day. Go for walks during early mornings or evenings when the sun is not shining at its peak and keep a spray bottle with you to squirt water over yourself when you start feeling warm. While you are inside, keep the air conditioner turned on to reduce the temperature within. A cool, wet washcloth applied to the back of your neck, forehead or over the top of your head will help in keeping the body temperature low so that you stay comfortable and rested. Remember to wear breathable and light clothes to keep yourself cool!


If you are one of those people who sweat a lot, it’s mandatory that you keep your body hydrated. Excess perspiration drains the body of energy and makes you feel tired and nauseated. Drink plenty of fluids. Try to incorporate milk and orange juice in your diet as they restore the electrolytes that the body loses during perspiration. Consume a good amount of water, however, do not increase your water intake over the regular daily limit. Excessive water in the body can dilute electrolytes and cause muscle cramps and fatigued reflexes!


Swimming during your pregnancy is highly recommended as it not only keeps the body cool but also takes away the pressure of extra weight. Get into a pool and float in it for some time so that your body gets relaxed. However, make it a point not to exert yourself too much or could strain your muscles. Always take someone with you whenever you are taking a dip for safety precautions.

The best maternity hospital in Chennai or other humid cities are well equipped to take care of childbirth in the scorching climates, so, trust your maternity clinic in Chennai or elsewhere to help you through this delicate time. Keep calm, stay cool, leave your worry at bay and enjoy the thrill of anticipation that accompanies your days of pregnancy!