24 Things to Do the Month Before the Baby Comes


The countdown is on: In a little less than four weeks, you’ll be coming in the door with your newborn bundle of joy. Here, a to-do list to help you prepare and make the most of those last few child-free moments. (Once baby arrives, they’ll be scarce.)

1. Stock your changing table.

baby month maps

2. And get your car seat installed at the local fire department. (Yep, they’ll do it free of charge.)

3. Put together an email list for your hubby so he knows exactly who to notify when the baby comes.

4. And treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure so you feel polished (pun intended) in the delivery room.

5. Go to a double-feature movie.

6. Followed by a fancy schmancy dinner at a local restaurant.

7. Use the time to finally, finally settle on a name.

8. Then, set up baby’s very first Gmail account.

9. Take a picture of your preggo belly. (Even if you feel like a cow, you’ll want this later—trust us.)

baby month woman

10. And learn how to fold and unfold your stroller.

11. Find out how to get a free breast pump from your insurance company.

12. Then outsource the task to your sister. (She’s dying for an important job.)

13. Get a prenatal (or foot) massage.

14. And go ahead and have some steamy sex. (It’s a no-go for at least four weeks after pregnancy. Plus, even if you could, you wouldn’t want to.)

15. Wash all your newborn clothes so they don’t smell like plastic when you come home from the hospital.

16. And assemble your bassinet or co-sleeper.

17. Pack your hospital bag. Phone charger included.

baby month suitcase

18. Read a book from start to finish.

19. Plan a boozy brunch with all your best friends. (And, hell, drink a mimosa—you’re in you’re in your third trimester for Pete’s sake.)

20. Whip up a few freezer meals for those nights ahead when you can’t bear the thought of cooking.

21. Do a test run to get to the hospital. (Waiting until you’re in labor probably isn’t the best time to determine the fastest route.)

baby month driving

22. And charge your camera battery.

23. Sleep. Like a lot.

baby month sleep

24. Did we say sleep?