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10 Trek-Worthy Beaches Around The World

No lazy beach days here! From crawling under boulders to swimming through caves and day-long hikes to horseback rides, the lengths travelers have to go to in order to reach some of the world’s best beaches are great. But they’re not without reward. The 10 beaches on this list may be hard to reach, but once...


7 Facts About Your Eyes


1. The eye works like a camera. Light enters the eye through a clear outer dome known as the cornea. The iris, the coloured portion that surrounds the pupil, expands and contracts...


Best Hiking Trails In Europe


1. West Highland Way   Alan Kraft / Shutterstock   Where: Scotland  Length: 96 miles Scotland’s premier long-distance hiking trail starts in Milngavie, about 30 minutes from Glasgow Airport, and heads north...